I graduated from high school at the ripe age of 14 and after some time in college, I landed my first significant gig.


It was spring of 1999, and my 16th birthday had passed just two weeks prior. I was very nervous about hopping on a plane and flying 600 miles to a place I'd never been, to work for someone I'd never met, for a business I'd never heard of. But just two days later, after a thorough phone screening by my parents, I found myself flying over the Sacramento valley on my way to southern California for the first time. I had a huge smile on my face and everything I owned packed away in a suitcase under my feet. I knew this was the start of something great and I couldn't wait to get off the plane and meet my new employer, roommate, chauffeur, mentor, and friend.

But before we go forward, let's take a step back.

I come from a small town, born and raised in Mt. Shasta, California. My siblings and I grew up on 50 acres on the outskirts of town. My brothers were 10 years older than me, and I used to love going out in the woods with them, helping them hunt game, catch fish, climb trees, and build forts. But, as the years passed, and they moved out, and we moved behind a truck stop in Pollard Flat, California (population: 22), I found myself growing bored and lonely.

Most of my friends and the rest of civilization lived 30 miles away, and I was too young to drive at the age of 13. Whenever I had the chance, I would try and get my parents to drop me off at my friends house, where I would often stay several nights at a time, tinkering and playing with his new computer until the sun came up. He had this new thing called "The Internet", and together we'd hog his phone lines for hours, scouring the results of Yahoo and Alta Vista for anything and everything we could. Needless to say, I was hooked.

A few months later I remember coming home from school and there was a rather large, unopened cardboard box in the living room. My dad turned to me and said, 


"I know you've been spending a lot of time on the computer lately with your friend, so I thought we should get you one of your own."


 I was thrilled. I immediately set it up and popped in one of the many AOL discs I had been collecting. It had 100 hours on it, 100 hours of discovery and escape from boredom. Our phone lines were a little dated, so many times the best connection I could get was 7200 baud. But hey, who was I to complain, I had "The Internet"!

A few weeks pass, and I come home from school one day and immediately go to the computer as I had done many times before. I would've never guessed how the following events would change my life forever.

While messing around on a site, I'd accidentally hit the "View Source" button in Netscape Navigator. "What's this?", I wondered. So, I saved the strange text to my desktop and was amazed to find that the website would appear when I reopened the file, even if I wasn't connected to the internet. I began tinkering with the code in Notepad, trying to figure out how it all worked. 

To be continued...

Image Top: Mt.Shasta from Chaos Crags, Cory Poole Photography

Work Experience

Like most people, this needs updated. Good news is, shouldn’t be long before it’s updated! Check out my LinkedIn for the latest, but even that needs some work. Okay, you get the idea… just ask me for my latest experience!

Director of Technology

Irvine, CA

Dec 2012 - Jan 2015

Lead, managed and helped grow in-house development team from 3 to 17 members in just 2 years. Defined, developed, architected and implemented internal and external technology strategies and processes to support the growth of the business. Determined proper technical solutions for projects in collaboration with other key departments. Additional responsibilities included internal and external systems administration.



  • Lead developer on fully responsive and mobile first website for GE Energy Financial Services that was built with CakePHP and Foundation.

  • Lead developer on fully responsive website for The Irvine Company’s retail division that was built with Umbraco, Bootstrap, and Angular.

  • Lead developer on fully responsive website for Francisco Bread that was built with Drupal.

  • Lead developer on fully responsive website for SmartStop Self Storage that was built with a custom CakePHP CMS.

  • Lead developer on fully responsive and HIPAA compliant website for SCAN Health Plan that was built with Umbraco.

Senior Web Developer

The Buddy Group
Irvine, CA

May 2011 - Nov 2012

Integral in ideating, planning, estimating, developing, and deploying of projects for high profile clients. Additional responsibilities include web server systems administration and database management. 



  • Technical lead and lead developer for My Business Story, a website developed for Google and American Express that enables small business owners to create professional-quality videos.

  • Technical lead and lead developer for VORTEXX, a website developed for Saban Brands' 6-hour Saturday morning cartoon block on the CW network.

  • Lead developer for BUDeTRACK, an internal project used for time tracking, project management, and employee performance reporting.

  • Redesigned all production and staging web servers with new scalable cloud instances, reducing monthly overhead by thousands of dollars.

IT Director

Apparel, Inc
Carson City, NV

Apr 2007 - Dec 2009

Responsible for designing, developing and administrating a network of clothing-related e-commerce websites with a combined annual revenue of over 15 million dollars. 



  • Designed and developed a Flash-based do-it-yourself t-shirt designer that would integrated directly with our direct-to-garment printers.

  • Installed and maintained touch-screen Point of Sale machines and software at all retail locations. Implemented barcode system to expedite sales process and greatly improve inventory tracking.

  • Virtualized over a dozen internal servers, greatly reducing overhead.

  • Redesigned and redeveloped the entire network of e-commerce sites.

Senior Development Buddy

The Buddy Group
Lake Forest, CA

Sep 2006 - Apr 2007


Responsible for developing interactive Flash websites and mentoring and inspiring other developers within the organization.  



  • Developed interactive Flash website for Reebok showcasing Scarlett Johansson's Scarlett Hearts collection with 360 degree product views and I18N content.

  • Developed bi-weekly Flash games and activities for McDonald's Happy Meal website.

  • Developed various interactive Flash websites and games for clients including DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, Hummer and Kia.

  • Organized and presented monthly lunch-and-learns on various development techniques and technologies to help educate and inspire junior developers.


I was enrolled in Stanford University's Educational Program for Gifted Youth and attended online classes for trigonometry and precalculus at the age of 15. While the online interface was crude and pushing the limits of Java applets at the time, I learned a great deal about mathematics that has suited me well over my career. 

Stanford University E.P.G.Y.

Palo Alto, CA 


Shortly after graduating from high school at the age of 14, I became the youngest person to ever attend the college at the time. In-between classes you could find me in the computer lab, working away on my web hosting business or technology news site. 

College of the Siskiyous

General Education
Weed, CA

1997 - 1998

Doug is a unique combination of brilliant web developer, collaborative team member and self motivated learner. He is able to work directly with clients and the account team so they understand the technical aspects of their projects (you know, dumb it down for us non-developers). He is always willing to find a solution to obtain the desired goals and find creative ways to make those solutions fit within budget and timeline constraints. His enthusiasm and kindness are infections and I would recommend Doug for any project or role as I know he would rise to any occasion. We worked closely on several projects and his intelligence, love of a good challenge and ability to create solid functionality are a rare find. This is no exaggeration... he’s really that great!
— Lea Frazier, Executive VP, The Buddy Group
Doug is one of the most skilled developers that I have worked with to date. Not only is he easy to work with, he brings a lot of great thoughts and insights to projects. He is always willing to go above and beyond to build the best possible experience. During my time at The Buddy Group, Doug and I worked on some very complicated projects. He was always willing to dive into the weeds, find the best possible solutions, and present the highest quality work. I’d love to work with Doug again in the future and look forward to the day that I do.
— Evan Kennedy, Senior Producer, The Buddy Group
Doug seems to be capable of anything. Like the time he learned C#/.Net/Umbraco in a matter of hours and accomplished something I had never even attempted. He plows through challenges with complete confidence he’ll be able to solve them. He is also a very personable person and has a vast breadth and depth of knowledge that makes him very adaptable in any setting and a valuable resource to guide others. A capable leader, an exceptional software developer, and a pleasure to work with — whatever the need, Doug can not only make it happen, but he can do it better than the experts.
— Nicholas Westby, Lead Full-Stack Developer, Rhythm Agency