Doug is a unique combination of brilliant web developer, collaborative team member and self motivated learner. He is able to work directly with clients and the account team so they understand the technical aspects of their projects (you know, dumb it down for us non-developers). He is always willing to find a solution to obtain the desired goals and find creative ways to make those solutions fit within budget and timeline constraints. His enthusiasm and kindness are infections and I would recommend Doug for any project or role as I know he would rise to any occasion. We worked closely on several projects and his intelligence, love of a good challenge and ability to create solid functionality are a rare find. This is no exaggeration... he’s really that great!
— Lea Frazier, Executive VP, The Buddy Group
Doug is one of the most skilled developers that I have worked with to date. Not only is he easy to work with, he brings a lot of great thoughts and insights to projects. He is always willing to go above and beyond to build the best possible experience. During my time at The Buddy Group, Doug and I worked on some very complicated projects. He was always willing to dive into the weeds, find the best possible solutions, and present the highest quality work. I’d love to work with Doug again in the future and look forward to the day that I do.
— Evan Kennedy, Senior Producer, The Buddy Group
Doug seems to be capable of anything. Like the time he learned C#/.Net/Umbraco in a matter of hours and accomplished something I had never even attempted. He plows through challenges with complete confidence he’ll be able to solve them. He is also a very personable person and has a vast breadth and depth of knowledge that makes him very adaptable in any setting and a valuable resource to guide others. A capable leader, an exceptional software developer, and a pleasure to work with — whatever the need, Doug can not only make it happen, but he can do it better than the experts.
— Nicholas Westby, Lead Full-Stack Developer, Rhythm Agency